Synchroblog: Church and Money – What if we had nothing

As an inter-church organisation we depend on gifts from individuals and churches to keep going, a bit like most missions organisations, whether at home or overseas.

We’re so grateful to all those who give, one way or another, to enable us to continue to take the good news to young people in schools and elsewhere. But it becomes too easy to slip into thinking that if we only had "… this much more giving" we could do "… so much more." This may indeed be the way of God for us, new supporters that enable us to employ more youth and schools workers and undertake new projects to reach more young people, so we are unlikely to stop inviting people to give to sustain and grow this ministry.

But here are a couple of challenges that I never want to lose sight of;

What if our income has reached a practical maximum? Is our vision limited by what we can afford to do, or is it big enough, creative enough and trusting God enough to go beyond what finance can achieve and into what people, energised by God, can achieve.

And what if we had nothing. Would the vision within us still burn so brightly that we would find a way, somehow, to continue to do the work we do. Herein lies the ultimate challenge to stay close to the vision that guides us and the God who leads us. And it has nothing to do with money.

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1 Response to Synchroblog: Church and Money – What if we had nothing

  1. fernando says:

    You are asking a powerful and apposite question!
    In a lot of churches leadership is defined by the size of one’s “vision,” which is really code for dreaming up audacious (and expensive) plans then finding ways to fund them.
    But asking, what if we already have what we need to get the job done, really cuts through that charade. It’s not that we shouldn’t dream or expand, but dreaming and expanding might not always be the answer.
    The question also raises big issues about responsibilty, creativity and plain old hardwork as well.

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