Street Pastors launch

On Saturday about 50 people gathered at Colchester Town Hall for the launch of Street Pastors. The 20 Street Pastors were joined by friends, prayer partners, The Mayor and senior representatives of the Police, the Borough Council and local churches.

Street Pastors is a national scheme now running in over 50 towns, cities and boroughs across the UK. The aim is simply to offer help care and a listening ear to people out on the town on a Friday night. Where it’s already running there have been measurable reductions in street crime. But it’s also a great way for the church to be visible in a practical and caring way to a whole bunch of people who would probably never think of going near a church. I’m looking forward to the day when our town recognises that "God is good for Colchester".

After the formal bit of the evening we persuaded the Mayor to let us have a photo on his balcony, overlooking the High Street. I’m taking the photo, balancing on a balustrade with a 30′ drop behind me. Perhaps that’s why some people look worried and everyone else is smiling!


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