Imagine – no religion

Connecticut Valley Atheists, fed up with so many Christian displays at Christmas, have responded with their own thought for Christmas. Their three sided billboard in the town park of Vernon has a picture of the Twin Towers with the message, "Imagine, no religion".

See the full story here.

Tricky, this one. ‘People of faith’, both Christian and Muslim, are sensing persecution. But I’m inclined towards the view that this is simply freedom of speech and tells us about the views of Connecticut Valley Atheists. It’s foolish to try to pretend that any of our traditions, Christian, Muslim or atheist are innocent of wrongdoing and atrocity. I’m getting a little tired of the ongoing gainsaying about whether Christianity or atheism is responsible for the worst wrongs against humanity, as if winning this argument will somehow prove that our way is right. Really all that’s happening is that we’re trying to show we’re the least bad!

Supposedly in the name of Christ people have done terrible things. They were wrong, even if sincerely wrong – no excuses. Perhaps we need to say sorry sooner, more often, a bit more readily, and more clearly. Real people of faith do. Those with political agendas in religious wrappers don’t.

SorryOver at Christians confess you’ll find that it’s quite possible for Christians to say sorry.

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