Not my voice

My colleague, Tom, has had an interesting email correspondence with Stephen Green, national director of Christian Voice, the organisation that’s taking the BBC (and others) to court over "Jerry Springer, The Opera". He’s included Stephen’s reply, which you will probably find revealing, or interesting or even downright frustrating.

I’m no particular fan of either Jerry Springer’s show, or "Jerry Springer, The Opera", which I watched so that I would know what all the fuss was about. But I worry about the real and lasting impact of pursuing a gagging order through the courts all the way up to the House of Lords in the name of Christianity. There’s an excellent article about the whole sorry affair in The Herald.

I am not prepared to question Stephen’s Christan commitment, or the right of Christan Voice to exercise freedom of speech, but as a fellow Christian I just want to make it absolutely clear that they do not speak for me, and, I suspect, many others.

Is that the sound of resounding gongs and clashing cymbals I hear?

UPDATE: the story continues here

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  1. Lol what a joke…not my voice either!

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