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It’s SynchroBlog time again, when a few of us post about the same subject all at once.
This month’s subject is "Redeeming the Season" and as I’m very pushed for time at the moment I don’t have time for deep thought on this one.
The only thing I will say is that one thing I’m doing this year is going out on the streets of our town as a Street Pastor to help, chat and, where there’s an opportunity, pray with seasonal revellers who probably wouldn’t otherwise have any connection with the church.

I think it’s something Jesus might have done, had he been here in person.
"God became flesh and blood and moved into the neighbourhood" John 1:14 (The Message)

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  1. Sally says:

    yes I suspect that Jesus would have done that too 🙂

  2. Sally says:

    yes I suspect that Jesus would have done that too 🙂

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