Happy New Year

Part of my experience of the Christmas season has included a break from the internet, due partly to being away from any useful connection and partly because, well, it’s nice just to break a habit every now and then. Hence no posts since 13th December, which is ages ago.
Not that there hasn’t been lots going on.

We launched Street Pastors here in Colchester. I visited Innervation Trust in Manchester for a prayer day. Then spent a long weekend with my mum in Wales before returning just in time to do a Street Pastor stint on Christmas eve.

Streetpastors_0208And so to the new year which I celebrated on the streets as a Street Pastor. With five evenings covered so far we’ve become a regular part of the nightlife of Colchester and have been warmly welcomed by the public, Police, club owners and door staff. On Monday night we were able to divert a few people away from starting fights, help a number of people who were very drunk and calm a few arguing couples. We also got to chat to loads of people, many of whom approached us, and we were able to pray with quite a few as well. I saw in the chimes of the new year on the street with another Street Pastor and a bloke from Watford with a drug problem who needed a bit of reassurance and help.

Finished about 4:30am, home by 5. The most enjoyable and satisfying new year celebration for a long time.

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