One eskimO

Last night Dan, Jason, Kat and I went to a One eskimO gig at The Bedford in Balham.

ThebedfordFirstly, the venue… Walking into The Bedford is like walking into a village, or some very agreeable community. A spacious and relaxed bar area includes a mini stage for acoustic bands with a bar serving drinks, burgers (at one end) and outstanding food. Upstairs in a large meeting room about three dozen people were learning swing dance. But at the back of the building is an 11 sided mini globe theatre thing with band stage on which the three bands of the night were performing. The atmosphere was relaxed and welcoming with some of the most friendly bar staff I’ve met for a while.

OneeskimoLead singer Kris Leontiou has played at The Bedford before, but that was seven years ago and long before his vision for One eskimO. It’s been a bit of a journey since then but now, several chapters of musical history later and after much hard and patient work, the band find themselves suporting Faithless (where we first saw them) and preparing to release their first album, All Balloons, on March 31st. I have a feeling that this will be a big year for One eskimO, but I hope they still get to do intimate gigs like this one at The Bedford. I have a feeling that it may be where their heart is.

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2 Responses to One eskimO

  1. Sam Norton says:

    Once upon a time I lived two minutes walk away from there.

  2. Henry says:

    aww these guys are super good live, and their touring again now, i certainly look forward to it.

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