Faith in (un)expected places

A few weeks ago a boy walked into a lunchtime group we run and asked how to become a Christian. Some gentle questions revealed that he wasn’t involved in a church, his parents weren’t Christians and yes, he did understand what he was asking. So Tom & Amy got the other young people there involved in explaining how you become a Christian, which they did with a theological literacy that astounded us because, to our knowledge, none of them have yet made a definitive decision to be Christians themselves. The following week the boy came back to the group and announced that since becoming a Christian he was no longer afraid of death. I don’t think death got a mention the previous week.

Today, at the end of a lesson, a group of non-Christian girls encouraged their Christian friend to ask us to pray with her for healing of a medical condition, which we did (Child Protection note: with the teacher’s permission, in public, no laying on of hands.)

We’ve had a few other interesting, if slightly less dramatic, examples in our work in schools where we’ve recently noticed a lot of faith in (un)expected places. Expected, because it’s an answer to part of our prayers over what we do. Unexpected, because it’s always a surprise.

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