Easter – Good Friday

It’s been an amazing day!

GoodfridayMid-day was the annual Good Friday outdoor service in Colchester town centre. By helpful co-incidence, River Island is having a refit which meant there was a big plywood backdrop to which was nailed two banners – one of the crucifixion, one of the resurrection. As part of the service people were encouraged to pin prayers to the board. There was a moment of unplanned significance as a new nail was hammered in to restrain one of the banners during the singing of "When I survey the wondrous cross". Suddenly the words, "See from his head, his hands, his feet; sorrow and love flow mingled down" seemed remarkably real.

Later in the evening I was at the Highwoods Youth Cafe where about 20 young people spent some time taking in a prayer room themed around the passion of Christ. The church there had been running a prayer room open to the community during the day and the regular Friday youth cafe gave us another opportunity to share the experience of prayer with them.

Finally, it was Street Pastors tonight. Although it was rather wet and windy and very cold the streets were busy and so were we. We prayed that people would feel welcomed, and almost immediately met a woman who said she’d just moved to the town and was amazed how welcomed she felt – and even more so after meeting us. We prayed with a couple that the taxi they’d booked over an hour ago would turn up, and it did the moment we finished praying. We chatted with a lady who wanted to give up smoking, and prayed for her too. And we helped a man with a cut hand who had been assaulted by someone with a Stanley (box cutter) knife. All in all a useful night and it’s good to know the church is welcomed so warmly on the streets. Bed by 4am.

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