Independent Safeguarding Authority


The Independent Safeguarding Authority scheme will go live on 12th October 2009 and covers every person who wants to seek paid or voluntary work with children, young people and vulnerable adults. This gives us all another 18 months or so to get sorted.

  • Once in place employers will only be able to recruit workers or volunteers who are ISA registered.
  • There will be a one-off lifetime registration fee of £64 per individual. Once you’re registered you stay registered with ISA.
  • Instead of a number of different lists for various types of offence, the ISA will hold a single list of those barred from working with children and vulnerable adults.
  • Where new information comes to light about an individual, the ISA will inform the employer (unlike the current CRB check which is only true for the day it’s issued).
  • Employers will have a duty to report certain concerns or disciplinary issues to the ISA.

You will still need to do a CRB check on appointment of new staff, but ISA will effectively provide ongoing monitoring of people involved in work with children and vulnerable adults.

As ever, more info is on the Independent Safeguarding Authority web site or the excellent CCPAS site.

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