Sharing the good stuff – links for today

I’m not sure my mind is in the best shape for blogging deep thoughts at the moment (see below), but I have been stirred and challenged by a few other bloggers recently, so here’s the good stuff.

I’m not "so in love" with you

A few days ago I appreciated this from Matt Stone, citing a post by John Stackhouse picking up on the ongoing debate about expressions of love in worship songs. John’s contribution is helpful for it’s linguistic, cultural and theological perspectives.

Christian by nature?
Alan Hirsch has a fascinating exploration of the idea that people are, by nature, Christian, drawing on the thoughts of Leo Tolstoy and CS Lewis. I think I’d have some reservations about this being entirely valid because of the inherently Christian cultures and worldviews that Tolstoy and Lewis grew up in. But I confess to wondering similar thoughts when chatting to young people about life issues and God and finding within them a resonance with the Christian world view and often a warmness towards the idea of Christianity.

(Not) getting things done
I’ve been struggling lately with too many things to do and too little clarity about how to get them done. A kind of motivational paralysis which seeks to rob me of any real progress on pretty much everything (including blogging). Like some kind of outside observer of my own condition I’ve been aware that as a result I feel tired, when I have done little that’s tiring, and that the solution lies in working out the next small step for each project or activity and getting it done.
I’ve been aware of David Allen’s Getting Things Done method but never quite got around to looking into it – the past has left me with a dim view of most personal organisation methods.
So I was surprised to read Fernando’s post about how it has helped him to change his approach to, well, getting things done. He writes, "I’m finally starting to remember what “completion” feels like and that’s something I haven’t felt in a long time," which is all the encouragement I need to give this a serious look.

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