Feminism and scripture

An interesting post from Scott McKnight exploring issues raised in John Stackhouse’s new book Finally Feminist.
I’ve always said I don’t have a problem with women in leadership. I know many women who are superb leaders, and quite a few men who are not. I think the issue is fundamentally about quality of leadership, not gender.
But as well as exploring the issue of gender and leadership, Scott identifies in Stackhouse some  important ideas that influence the way we approach our understanding of scripture. On the whole, I find them very helpful. As you might expect, there is a lively discussion following in his comments section.

In a similar vein, John Stackhouse on his own blog asks, Does the Trinity prove anything about gender? Not much.  He concludes:

Many theologians (I among them) strongly endorse circumspection when it comes to the attempt to use one of the great mysteries of the faith—the internal life of God in the Trinity—to shed light on some other doctrine. Some doctrines do require deployment of the doctrine of the Trinity to understand them properly—most notably Christology, soteriology, and pneumatology. But the question of gender seems to be one of those theological subjects not much improved by reference to the Trinity—as is evidenced by the fact that everyone seems to be able to selectively access this doctrine in the interest of contradictory understandings of gender.

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