Psalm Drummers in Colchester

PsalmdrummersLast  night was the first gathering of Psalm Drummers here in Colchester. It was organised by Dan and Michelle and attracted 43 drummers from all over the area.

Terl Bryant, the man behind Psalm Drummers, led the evening, getting everyone there involved in an improv piece of massed percussion. With over 30 djembi’s and Dan on his floor tom the sound was awesome and Terl directed things through a series of different rhythms and dynamics to create what can only be described as worship. The evening included an overview of the role of drums in worship and the vision for Psalm Drummers and went into a time of percussion as intercession. Finally, Terl and his team prayed for Dan and Michelle as they carry this group forward and develop this remarkable ministry in the Colchester area.

As well as being a great evening, it was a bit of a "proud dad" moment for me seeing Dan in such a clear leadership role, following the calling that’s on his life and inspiring so many others.

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