Todd Bentley

There’s a lot of interest here in the revival meetings taking place in Lakeland, Florida, with Todd Bentley. Whilst most of the attention is on the big meetings, this video interview with Todd reveals the background to the man and this ministry.

Big meeting type stuff is always vulnerable to hype and ‘crowd-think’, and I’m sure there’s a bit of this happening here. But my cynical side has been tempered somewhat.
Firstly by hearing Todd speak of his passion for a close relationship with God, regardless of whether it leads to any kind of ministry. Secondly, I’ve noticed in the meetings there is quite a focus on testimony from people who have seen God heal or work in their lives or the lives of their friends other than at the Todd Bentley meetings.

I still have an open mind about what’s happening. But there are a few things I still hope to see:
– similar things breaking out elsewhere and perhaps in surprising settings/churches/streams
– people and churches touched by this move of God engaging with their communities, not just having amazing meetings
– people outside our churches being touched by the manifest presence of God as Christians offer to pray for them
– lasting fruit in people’s lives

What are your thoughts about what’s going on?

UPDATE 17 May: Honest questions about the Lakeland revival over at Charismamag – in a fast moving avalanche of views this seems, in my opinion a very balanced reflection which recognises gladly signs of revival whilst acknowledging sensitively the concerns of many.

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