Young people seeking God…?

In my many years of working in schools, I have not experienced times like these. Whilst, in some ways, the work we do through assemblies, lessons and lunchtime groups has hardly changed, we're seeing a much warmer response from young people. Many have a real interest in what being a Christian is all about. But more than anything else, we've noticed an increasing number of young people asking us directly how to become a Christian, or seeking out God independent of any intervention from youth workers.

There was the boy who came into the lunchtime group we run and asked how to become a Christian. He had no church background and neither of his parents are Christians. We got the other young people there to explain how to become a Christian. The next week he was back, and said, "Since I've become a Christian I'm not afraid of death."

Then a few weeks ago I chatted with two 14 year old girls who had come to the evening service at our church. They were there because they were seeking God and just knew they needed to get to a church. They had no apparent church background and no-one had invited them, they just decided together.

Today I had a text message from one of our team. She said, "Just went to a really old church in … to look round and there were 3 kids there on their own exploring and I had a long chat with them about God. It was amazing. Young people are so hungry!"

I wouldn't call this revival, but I've never come across this level of active seeking, as distinct from general interest. Is it happening anywhere else? Are we just reading too much into a few coincidences? Or is God quietly at work stirring up young people to seek him. It's what we've been praying for – perhaps we're beginning to see our prayers answered.

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