Jesus Film in anime

The Jesus Film has been dubbed into over 1000 languages and is probably the most watched film in history. But it's starting to look a bit dated. So the people behind it have started a project to create an anime version, reusing the many existing soundtracks in all the languages it's been translated into.

Jesus anime

The Visual Translation Project is the homepage to the whole project.

They've uploaded some concept videos to YouTube. These are just visuals, not finished animation, but are designed to give a feel for the idea. The film is likely to take about 2 years to complete and in the meantime The Visual Translation Project is actively seeking feedback here. There's also a survey which includes five different sample styles to choose from.

This looks like a great way to update what is honestly a rather dated production – we've avoided using it in schools out of embarrassment. So we'll be watching developments here with interest.

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