Sanctum – a prayer room in schools

Sanctum logo_sSanctum is a new project we've been quietly working on for the last few months. It involves setting up a prayer room for a whole week in a local state secondary school for use by students and staff. Sanctum has been created in consultation with a number of local secondary schools and aims to fufil a number of the SMSC development goals, specifically, and fairly obviously, the requirement to facilitate the spiritual development of students. Since being booked by next week's school another school has booked Sanctum for September, which is a big encouragement!

Sanctum works loosely according to the now fairly well established journey principle. The first half is about "becoming spiritually aware" and the second half "becoming spiritually involved". There are nine interactive activities.

Over the last week we've been getting all the stuff together, including editing video, recording narration, preparing all the 'doing' bits and pieces and buying lots of stuff. It all gets installed on Monday morning and opens to students at lunchtime.

Sanctum will be open before and after school and at lunchtime and break time and will be staffed by a minimum of two prayer room guides (one male, one female) who have been suitably recruited and trained.
With only a few days to go, and plenty of other things to be doing before Monday morning, I have two great fears and one great hope – the fears are that either no-one comes, or that everyone wants to come in. The hope is that just the right number of young people turn up each session, and the greatest hope is that they catch a glimpse of the 'love that will never let us go'.

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