Sanctum – day 1

This morning we set up Sanctum, a prayer room in a local secondary school. This followed a weekend of much last minute writing, designing and printing. The day also included a trip to buy huge quantities of white muslin for the "Holy of Holies" area and cutting down two bargain basement gazebos from Woolies to make them a little smaller and in proportion to the rest of the room. There's not much market for a 1.5m x 2m gazebo!
We were finished in good time for lunch time when the first students came in. The impact was immediately felt in a tangible peace that fell on the room. The young people completed all the stations and declared the Holy of Holies" space the best bit. One lad said, "it would be great to spend time in after a day at work."
After school a group of girls came in to check it out did one of the activities and said they'd be back tomorrow.
A good start – we were encouraged by their openness and willingness to participate, and particularly by their response to the various activities. Looking forward to tomorrow.

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