Sanctum – day 2

Things stepped up a bit today with double the number of young people coming to visit the prayer room. If this keeps up we won't have room for them all.
One thing that has surprised us is the number of boys who are coming. At lunchtime we had 11 boys in the room, and no girls, which is nearly the maximum capacity at any one time. These lads are really engaging with the different activities and especially the 'holy of holies' quiet space. After school we had a couple of girls who spent about half an hour in the room.

The feedback we're getting from the students is very positive and points to a spiritual awareness of God's presence which is the whole point of the room. Also, today we overheard their name for the prayer room – "The Jesus Room". Which is kind of interesting as although "god" and "God" get a mention in some of the written refections, Jesus doesn't. I love it that young people give these things names that we wouldn't touch with a barge pole. We ran a football project locally called "Xtra Time". We made it clear that we were Christians but that was about it. So they called it "Christian Football"!

We've decided not to open up before school tomorrow – people are in too much of a rush, there's not really enough time (only 15 mins between being allowed into school and registration) and they tend to go straight to their form room.

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