Sanctum – day 3


At break time we're tending to get a few people who pop in for a look and promise to come back at lunchtime. So this lunchtime numbers were again higher than on any previous day with 15 young people in the room at one time, which is our limit. This is to ensure that everyone gets enough space.

Although there's lots of activity it's amazing to watch many of the students totally absorbed in whichever bit they're doing. A group of 5 rather boisterous boys came in and I got them started on the first activity (listening to a reflective meditation on MP3 players and headphones) and helped them to stay focussed! By the time they'd moved on to the second activity they'd become absorbed and proceeded to stay for the whole thing.  We're still staggered at how well it's all working and how engaged the students are.

As before, we had more boys than girls, about 11 to 4, with two or three lads back for a second time after enjoying it so much yesterday.

With lunchtime now effectively full we're hoping that some young people will choose to come along after school as we're open until about 4. I had to leave straight after lunch so I missed out on any after school visitors. My afternoon was spent back at the office in a meeting about the CYO budget for next year. That went surprisingly well too!

Two more days. I'm praying that staff from four other schools that have expressed an interest will be able to see Sanctum before we take it all down on Friday evening.

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