Sanctum – day 4

As expected, interest keeps growing and with it the numbers. We had more in at break time than ever before and, once again, 15 in at lunchtime, which is our capacity. In an amazing answer to prayer, we've never had to turn people away because the room is already full – it's like God is controlling the numbers!

Today we've had more girls in than before. There are also a few (boys and girls) who are making second or third visits and spending more time on activities they've appreciated before. A few staff have popped in for a look, but not as many as we still hope for.

Those visiting are in Years 7, 8 and 9. Year 10 are out on work experience and Year 11 have obviously left after GCSE's. It's this reduction in numbers that's freed up space for us to do Sanctum in the school. The activities have really connected with all three of these year groups often in a genuinely spiritual way. Some of their reflections, observations and prayers are very moving and reveal a formative spirituality. It still amazes and encourages us that the thing they appreciate most is the opportunity to be still.

The room also seems to create its own atmosphere. People are hushed, even though nowhere are they instructed to be quiet. Sometimes we're accidentally noisier than the students. There's a tangible reverence and respect in everyone who comes in.

Tomorrow we've got a member of staff visiting from at least one other school that's interested in hosting Sanctum (it's already booked for a second school in September). And I'm still praying that a few more staff from this week's school will pop in and see what the buzz has been about.

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