Sanctum – day 5

I think we can honestly say that Sanctum has matched our expectations in terms of the way it worked and exceeded our expectations when it comes to the response of the students.

We had several return visits this morning at break time, along with some new people. In fact, it was our busiest break time of the week. Lunchtime the sun was shining and most people were out on the field. However, a deft bit of detached work by myself and Tom (we're known to all as "Tim and Tom") meant that a few students who hadn't realised Sanctum was happening got to visit just in the nick of time. Again we had just the right number in the room and some great responses – a clear growth in awareness of the spiritual.

We also had a steady flow of teachers coming through to see what had been going on during the week. The general consensus was that Sanctum should happen here again next year.
Icing on the cake was a visit from a member of staff from another school who decided there and then that they need to have this happen in their school too.

As a team we'll review how it went and see if there's any fine tuning to do before we launch it again in September in the next school. For now we're deeply grateful to God for this incredible project, for those within the school who worked with us to ensure it linked with their priorities, for all the young people who amazed us with their responsiveness and proved it's worth doing, and for all those who helped to make it happen.

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  1. phil togwell says:

    hey tim. it’s been great to follow the sanctum prayer room stories. you probably know, but andrea has popped a link to your blog on the 24-7prayer UK website.
    interestingly, we’re hearing of more and more people being offered opportunities to host 24-7prayer rooms in secondary schools, which is very exciting. even where i live too. my daughter starts at a local girls school this september, and i’ve been asked to go run some lunchtimes on prayer, and set up a prayer room.
    i wonder if it might be good for us to talk sometime in september about ways we might collaborate on this? let me know if you fancy it?
    phil/24-7 uk team leader

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