I am also Dave Walker

I’m away in Cambridge with Collective on a mission this week, so internet access is limited to the few occasions when I’m in a host household with Wi-Fi!

A few updates to the Dave Walker / SSG situation, though if you’re already following it this is probably old news to you.

  • I meant to add MadPriest to my list of useful sites on this matter. Check out this page for the original Dave Walker posts (now circulating round the web) and this page for a practical way of showing support for Dave. This suggests emailing Mark Brewer, the man behind SSG, at his publicly available email address with the message “I am also Dave Walker“.
  • Inevitably, SPCK/SSG: News, Notes & Info has attracted the attention of Mark Brewer, and received the standard ‘cease and desist’ notice. The site has full details.
  • Rev Sam has compiled a useful list of links that give a bit more background to the situation.

I shall be home soon…

UPDATE: 2 August 2008

Matt Wardman has done an excellent job of compiling all 75 of Dave Walker’s original blog posts into a PDF document which includes an introduction. I have saved a copy here, to give it a bit more web exposure, but encourage you to continue to check out Matt’s blog for the latest news.

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