Sanctum prayer room – day 2

Although break is only effectively 10 minutes long here, we still had five young people visit briefly to take part in one or two of the stations, some picking up from where they left off yesterday.

At lunchtime we had 18 in, which is pretty much the limit. More than this and there's too many people trying to do any one prayer activity and it all feels a bit frantic. It already felt mildly frantic but we had myself, Tom, Joel (a local church youth worker) and the four members of Collective which meant we could each spend a bit more time with some of the young people guiding them through the different activities and chatting to them further about the possibility of a relationship with God.

Whilst the nine activities themselves create space for spiritual reflection, it's this personal contact with the Prayer Room Guides that makes the real difference. One lad opened up from not speaking to enthusiastically engaging in the different activities thanks to the sensitive nurturing of one of todays helpers.

A couple of girls came in after school and spent about 15 minutes catching up with sections they'd missed earlier. To end the day friends from the Colchester Boiler Room and Andrea from 24-7 Prayer joined us and took some time to try out the Sanctum experience. We prayed together for the young people and the school.

One thing we may try is to make Thursday a Year 10 & 11 day. We've seen a lot of KS3 students, but only a few KS4 students have poked their heads round the door so far. The different stations have been designed with them in mind, and although we've been impressed with the way the younger students have interacted with Sanctum, we'd like to test it with the older students.

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