Sanctum prayer room – days 3 & 4

Wednesday was another exciting day in the Sanctum prayer room as over 25 young people visited including some returning for a third time. The day felt somehow calmer than the first two, as if the novelty had worn off and the young people were beginning engage with the place in a more thoughtful way.

During the day we researched the idea of running Thursday as a Year 10 & 11 day, but drew a blank when it came to an effective way of promoting this with just a day's notice. There's still a lot of interest from staff who say they want to pop in.

Today, Thursday, we met as a team to pray before opening for break time. After three days when we've typically had about 8 in each break time we were staggered that no-one came! However, after break our prayer that Year 10 & 11's would find us were answered when two Year 11 girls came in to take some pictures for the school as part of a project. Although they couldn't stay for long, we chatted to them about what Sanctum is all about and they promised to send all their friends at lunch time.

At lunchtime about 18 Year 11's poured in and got stuck in to the various prayer activities. As we had suspected, they engaged really purposefully in the different activities and we ended up in some very honest and open conversations about God and faith. They absolutely loved it and made some very thoughtful responses. By way of contrast, after school one girl came in on her own and did the whole sequence of nine prayer activities, was very grateful and then left to go home.

Tomorrow is the last day in this school. I'm reminded that it was on the last day of the feast that Jesus stood up and made himself known to the crowds. May it be so on Friday. Amen. Come Lord Jesus.

[Photo: by me and with permission of the school]

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