Random acts of seeking

It's been a bit quiet here recently, due mainly to real life being both mighty busy and existentially challenging. Since Sanctum we've had three weeks of missions in school with Collective, including this week and a week of lessons and assemblies in two other schools. The last few weeks have also produced some remarkable random acts of seeking on the part of young people.

Random act 1 – two lads came to our office to ask for prayer for their mate who was in hospital. They had no connection with any church, they just wanted to pray. Tom was in the office (the rest of us were in a school) and prayed with them. Later that afternoon they came back with some more of their mates. The friend they'd prayed for was considerably better and they 'knew it was the prayer that had made the difference' so they all wanted to pray.

Random act 2 – a Yr.8 girl put her hand up in a lesson with Collective and said she wanted to become a Christian so what should she do? The complete absence of embarrassment or ridicule suddenly made it seem the most natural question in the world.

Random act 3 – another girl (same school as RA2) spoke to one of the members of Collective at lunch time to say she wants to become a Christian.

Random act 4 – a secular help agency for young people got in touch with us because one of the young people they have as a client wants to join a church.

I'd like to say this is all the result of greater work / prayer / proclamation / presence / whatever on our part.  But it just seems to be down to God bringing people, and us being the right people in the right place at the right time.

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  1. Janie says:

    This is the kind of news that gives me hope – hearing about how God moves and surprises us. So glad you shared this!

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