More Prayer Rooms in schools, and now colleges

At the risk of turning this into the official Sanctum blog, there have been some exciting developments in this whole journey of creating prayer rooms in schools.

Our local Sixth Form College has asked us to run Sanctum there at the end of January and have arranged for us to have a spacious room in the centre of the college. Their enthusiasm and commitment to making this happen is humbling. We're excited about taking the Sanctum experience and adapting it for 16 – 18 year olds

Tomorrow I'm off to the Central London Boiler Room to take part in a gathering of people who have done prayer rooms in or for schools. This year, quite independently, several groups have created or responded to opportunities to introduce students in school to the practice and experience of prayer and as the year comes to an end we're all seeing further openings and getting more requests. So we'll be sharing our ideas and experiences, reflecting on what God may be opening up in terms of new opportunities and looking at where we go from here. I'll try to capture it all in a blog post soon.

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