Sanctum – Colchester Sixth Form College – day 2

Day 2 in the Sanctum prayer room and, strangely, not as many people visiting as yesterday. As before, we went out and about in the college to chat to students and hand out flyers and were well received. Many students were still barely aware of Sanctum but were gald to know and showed real interest.

Later in the day several small groups of people poked their heads in and took a look. One group of girls spent 5 minutes checking the room out before going to find a drama lesson and, initially unsure, were soon transformed into wildly enthusiastic endorsers of Sanctum. "It's magical" they said promisong to come back tomorrow.

One of the new stations we've created encourages people to write up one thing that they're sorry about (without using their name or the names of others). When we created this activity we were really very unsure how well it would work and whether peole would 'get it'. We needn't have worried. Here are some typical responses from people, written on the slips of paper you can see in this picture:

  • Sorry for lying to the people that are closest to me.
  • I'm sorry I don't always show my love for someone and the appreciation of things people do for me.
  • I'm sorry for… judging her and hating her while overlooking the happiness she brings to some people.
  • I'm sorry when I get grumpy with other people for no reason. I hope they know I love them!
  • Sorry for not feeding the dog last night.

Those that have come through Sanctum today have, like yesterday, really engaged with the different activities and made some profound and moving contributions. Sanctum is certainly making an impact and we've had several people come back bringing friends with them. Our concern is that, in a college of nearly 3000 students with two large buildings, getting word out to everyone takes longer than we've ever encountered before. My hunch is that ideally we should be doing this for two weeks, not one, but we're still so grateful that this opportunity is open to us. So is nearly everyone who has visited Sanctum so far. Here are some of today's comments from the Visitors Book:

I wouldn't call myself religious and I still don't believe there is a God, but I found this very thought provoking. V (female)

Great. Really makes you think and reconsider things. M (male)

This was so lovely… Sanctum should be here permanently not just a one off!!! D (female)

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