Sanctum – Colchester Sixth Form College – day 3

Well, today was a bit of a surprise. Only about 10 people came through the prayer room all day – rather confusing given the overwhelmingly positive responses we've been getting from students for the last two days.

Wednesday is a slightly odd day at the College as the afternoon is left free for activities and as some students only come in for one or two lessons there are not that many people around with free time to spend in a prayer room.

There may be another factor. All over the College there are landings, lobbies, corridors and open areas that create both formal and informal 'social areas'. One such area, a large lobby with up to 40 students sitting and chatting loudly, is just outside our room. Because of the slightly 'tribal' ownership of these areas some students avoid them if they're not part of that particular group. Are some people reluctant to visit Sanctum because the trip through a 'foreign' zone creates too high a threshold to participation? There's not much we can do about it if this is the case. We'll do some more research tomorrow.

Since there was just the team in the room we made the most of the opportunity to pray into this situation and recommit what we were doing to God trusting to whatever tomorrow brings.

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