Sanctum – Colchester Sixth Form College – day 4

Today we've had visits from students in ones and twos and from several staff. As ever, the response has been overwhelmingly positive.

However, what made today so special was one of those unplanned moments that hint at the guiding of a divine hand. Three girls, one returning for a second visit, decided to sit with some of the team around the mosaic activity resulting in over 20 minutes of in depth conversation about faith and God. This was a quality discussion, initiated by the students, that went much further than normal. Although it seems so obvious now, we'd overlooked the possibilities for conversation inherent in these creative activities.

Today was not about quantity, it was about quality.

Some visitor quotes:

Fantastic meaningful space. Thanks for coming and making us think. (staff)

This is a meaningful space that helps me reflect my life immensely. T (male)

V. good. Found some peace in this hectic college. R & C (female)

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