Sanctum – Colchester Sixth Form College – day 5

Our final day and further encouraging visits and conversations. Once again the mosaic activity proved to be the perfect setting for some more in depth conversations about God. It was wonderful how readily people opened up to the Sanctum team about their lives and their questions. One guy stayed for a whole (free) period, and we got to pray for him at the end.
At the end of the day we packed everything up and turned the room back into a drama studio.

This is an interesting journey and one that God seems to be driving.

PS – this is a quick post – I might update it once I've unpacked the van and can get to some more info!

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2 Responses to Sanctum – Colchester Sixth Form College – day 5

  1. a fan says:

    way to go!!!
    i’m so proud of you guys.

  2. Richard Smith says:

    Thanks for this inspiring record and update, Tim. It’s been different doing it in a college setting, eh? But some amazing times with young people who have really chosen to engage.
    Nice one for persevering through the quiet times.
    Thank God for answered prayer. I pray for the seeds that have been sown.

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