Spirituality survey – two years on

This year, a little later than we intended, we were able to do our Spiritual and Moral Beliefs Survey with a group of Year 10 students who had done the same survey two years earlier at Year 8.  As well as allowing us to see how their views had changed over the two years, we were also able to compare their views with Year 10 students from two years ago.

Without going into exhaustive detail, here are a few of the things we noticed.
The percentages are presented like this:
Year 8 > Year 10 (Year 10 two years ago)

I believe there is a God.
Although belief in a God plummeted among boys from Year 8 to Year 10, the number of girls who say they believe in God remains stable.
Male 45% > 16% (22%)
Female 30% > 28% (28%)

There have been times when I have prayed.
The lads seem to have backed away from prayer just a bit. But the number of girls admitting to praying remained exactly the same. What we also found encouraging was that today’s Year 10 girls seem to be more willing to pray than their peers of two years ago.
Male 54% > 41% (45%)
Female 68% > 68% (48%)

Marriage is a very special relationship.
Wow! Let’s hear it for marriage. Even though the number of people getting married is still falling, these young people consistently place a high value on marriage. Our conversations with them bear out this aspiration for marriage, even if it is sometimes unrealistically romantic.
Male 93% > 85% (89%)
Female 89% > 90% (91%)

People are spiritual beings as well as physical beings.
Guys seem to believe this less as they get older, girls seem to believe it more. Again, not a surprise, but it’s definitely something we’ll be asking them about, when we get a suitable opportunity.
Male 54% > 39% (50%)
Female 39% > 54% (54%)

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