More prayer rooms in schools

Sanctum This idea of setting up a prayer room for a week in a secondary school seems to be turning into something of a movement. Over these last few weeks of term there are several going on that I know about, and possibly a few more (if you know of others please get in touch).

In Romford Phil has this week been in St. Edward's CofE Comprehensive.

And in Gloucester Joe has been running a payer room in partnership with the chaplain at Bishops College CofE comprehensive.

I was glad to be able to get to the 24-7 Prayer Network Day in Newcastle on Saturday, not just for the chance to meet others but for opportunity to discover more about the different ways people are doing what could broadly be described as prayer rooms in schools. I say 'broadly' because each person or group is doing it their own way, inspired by one simple idea, creating space for students to pray, and making it work in their context. It seems absolutely clear to me that over about the last year there has been an explosion of people starting prayer rooms in schools and I've previously blogged about the networking that's taking place to begin to gather this emerging collective wisdom into something that might be useful to others. (This gathering of collective wisdom is still a work in progress!) But what is happening has all the hallmarks of a movement – there's just this idea, and lots of people are 'getting it' and getting on with making it happen. And then, later, people discover they're not alone and that others are doing it as well.

It's our turn again next week and the week after as we run what will be our fourth and fifth Sanctum in two state secondary schools here in Colchester. I hope to blog daily about how they're going… we shall see.

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