Sanctum – Grammar School, day 1

SanctumGR1 This morning Amy and I set up Sanctum at the Grammar School. We knew that we would have an interesting time from the reactions of students passing the open door; "awesome!", "immense!", "cool!"

The first visitors, just before lunch, was for a lesson with a half group of Year 9 students, 13 in all, who dived into the activities with perhaps a modicum too much enthusiasm. The whole thing was too fascinating for them and for the first few minutes Amy and I were slightly worried about where it would all lead. But, as we've seen so may times before, a calm descended as they found themselves drawn into thoughtful reflection.

At lunchtime we had a constant stream of boys coming through, all keen to give Sanctum a try. At one point we had to stop people coming in because it was as full as we allow (about 16 people at a time). One group of Year 9 boys, who in a PSE lesson had identified the need for a quiet room in the school, spent quite a bit of time with us and declared that it was even better than they had originally asked for.

Finally, the day ended with five Year 12 students who really enjoyed the sense of peace. As one girl said, it allowed her to do a different kind of thinking than normally fills her days.

Overall, a very encouraging start to the week. We're looking forward to tomorrow, though with 6 half classes, break time and lunch time, I have a feeling it could be hectic.

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