Sanctum – Grammar School, day 2

SanctumGR2 Today has been a very busy day with over 130 young people through the prayer room, over 40 of them at lunch time, from Year 7 to Year 12. The response has been very good with lots of positive comments.

The morning session with the Year 12's, who had been in yesterday, turned into a wide ranging conversation about spirituality and some of the ultimate questions people wrestle with. Towards the end of the lessons we have about 5 minutes of discussion time with each group reflecting on which parts of Sanctum have made the most impact. Top of the list is the quiet tent. Perhaps we shouldn't be surprised, but it always amazes me how much Year 8 lads love this opportunity to be still. Some today spoke of experiencing peace and knowing God's presence in the prayer tent. The other activity that continues to touch people deeply is the one that deals with forgiveness. We are making real connections with the buried spirituality of young people.

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