Sanctum – Grammar School, day 3

Today I did the first of three assemblies promoting Sanctum to students at the school where we will be based next week. This will be the second time they've had Sanctum and there is certainly a very warm welcome for it with several staff enthusiastically endorsing it to the whole of the year group. I have two more assemblies to do this week, on Thursday and Friday, including speaking to staff about it at their briefing.

SanctumGR3 At The Grammar School we're discovering that the lessons provide a more thoughtful atmosphere than break times and lunch times. The boys are so enthusiastic that break time and lunch time can be very hectic and sometimes a bit silly. We've had to edit (remove) a few of their comments, which is something we try to avoid doing unless absolutely necessary and not something we've had to do before. Although it's clear that, for a few, Sanctum is just an intellectual exercise in seeing how amusing you can be to your friends, there are also many young people who, in the feedback times at the end of lessons, are being incredibly open about the way some of the activities have had an impact on them. I continue to be humbled by boys who speak of experiencing real peace in the prayer tent, or of letting go of long held hurts, or of owning up to things they never said sorry for. Almost universally they tell us that the atmosphere in the room is different – more relaxed, peaceful and something they want to come back to.

Five Sixth Formers came back today during a free period and spent over half an hour immersed in Sanctum. We're getting quite a few return visitors and, when things aren't too crazy, are able to have some profound and moving conversations.

In other news, we learned today that a young person we are in regular contact with made the decision to become a Christian. There's quite a bit of rejoicing in heaven, I believe, and we're excited about it too.

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