Sanctum – Gilberd School, day 3

SanctumGI3 Whatever else is happening, one of our prayers is being answered hour by hour as young people come through Sanctum. There is healing for the soul in this place.

I’ve lost count of the number of times I’ve heard students describe their sense of freedom and release from worries, unforgiveness and guilt. Two new stations which I created at the weekend, “Letting go” and “Stories” (four video testimonies) are making a significant impact on some of the young people. Several today, in two different classes, spoke of real breakthroughs in their sense of self image, to the extent that they were confident to share this with the whole class. One girl shared with us how she had finally been able to forgive her father for leaving her when he moved to another country. Several teachers have been deeply moved by the level of openness and honesty in many of the students’ written contributions. Also, we’re praying that this room will be a place where people recognise God’s presence and we’re beginning to hear visitors referring to this in their own way.

Today had peace written all over it. Following yesterday’s onslaught we decided to remove one activity which was creating too much demand and quite a major diversion (laminated prayer cards). We also welcomed people personally and individually at the door, asking them whether they had been before and then explaining Sanctum to them. This allowed us to emphasise the quiet nature of the room and slowed down the numbers entering. As a result we never had more than 30 in the room at any one time (our target number) and, although still joyfully busy and not quite as quiet as we might have hoped, there was a real peace about all that was happening.

Here’s what the young people had to say today, from the Visitor Book:

  • This is a place to think about things you don’t have time to think about. It is emotional and really opened up my feelings.
  • Great, it’s a very relaxing place. I forgot about all my troubles. Thank you.
  • This is a great place full of spiritual meaning. Very relaxing, all my worries have gone. Thanks.
  • Great place. Feel a lot better now.
  • It helped me realise that not all hope is lost.
  • You made me feel confident to admit what makes me sit alone in my room and cry!! Thank you!
  • It made me realise that there is someone to talk to.


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