Sanctum – Gilberd School, day 5

SanctumGI5a It has been a most wonderful week. Students have made just over 700 visits to Sanctum during lessons, break times and lunch times and we have been humbled daily by their openness and honesty as the various activities give them an opportunity to reflect on their lives. They, in turn, have been so grateful for Sanctum. As I have previously noted, many have dealt with thing from their past and have spoken of a sense of release and of moving on. Our prayer is that these brief spiritual moments will inspire a lasting difference in their lives.

In the lessons one of our concluding challenges to them has been to take their experiences at Sanctum and try to integrate them into their daily lives. So, for example:

The quiet tent – try to find somewhere where you can take just a few minutes a day to be still and peaceful.
“Letting go” (of worries) – don’t let worries rule your life. Write them down and ‘park’ them so that you’re in charge of how you feel.
Forgiveness – be prepared to let go of the hurts done to you by others.
Sorry – be honest about the things you do wrong and the people you need to say sorry to.
…and so on. We also explained how God is involved in these things for us as Christians.

So, for one last time, here are a few things our visitors had to say today, and below that some of my favourite images of the day.

  • It is good to encourage youngsters to think about spiritual things. (A teacher)
  • Thank you. I can let go.

And the last comment in the book:

  • I really enjoyed coming here. It made me realise that anyone can be special. I’m so glad that Sanctum came to our school. Thanks.


 Reflecting on a hope and a future… or maybe just hair!

Prayer Wall contemplations


God, speaking to a whole generation, says, "You have a hope and a future."


"Be still and know that I am God."

[All photos taken with permission of the school]

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