I'm just back from an inspiring day meeting with a small bunch of people looking at future developments for
The day was led by Amy Stock, Director of Among the areas we explored was how to encourage greater participation by the 1000 or so people who have signed up to the site, and how to make the wealth of resources that it holds more easily accessible. Other stuff we discussed included training, ways of sharing expertise and the development of some form of accreditation for people who support schools.

It probably wouldn't be fair to Amy to go into too much detail here. There was much to ponder and it will be a few months before these discussions turn into the next stage for  Just keep an eye on the site next term!
In the meantime, if you are in any way involved in schools work and have some thoughts about the web site, whether you use it regularly or not, please contact Amy. This is an important time of review and development, and your ideas could make all the difference.

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