Prayer rooms in schools – Orison


Last week I met up with Phil and Rachel to discuss the developments taking place in prayer rooms in schools. There seems to be a God inspired movement taking place across the UK and we're looking at ways of encouraging, resourcing and sharing expertise with others who are doing this or are inspired to try something themselves. It's a work in progress, but the best way to keep up is by checking the 24-7 Payer web site for latest news, especially once the autumn term kicks in.

Anyway, as part of our meeting Rachel shared the latest on Orison, a prayer room for primary and secondary schools that she is heading up. Orison is already helping loads of young people a taste of what prayer is all about and the excellent web site is full of info and has some video clips as well. I have to say, Orison looks beautiful and the results and quotes from young people speak for themselves.

Rachel's team is available to help set up an Orison prayer room in schools all over the UK. If you're at New Wine or Soul Survivor this summer you will also be able to try out Orison for yourself.

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