Prayer Spaces in Schools – resource pack

The Prayer Spaces in Schools resource pack is now available, thanks to a load of work by Phil Togwell over the summer.

The pack brings together a bit of the story so far, case studies and examples of a whole variety of ways of doing prayer rooms in schools, advice on how to get things started, good practice guidelines and lots of prayer station ideas that have been tried and tested in secondary and primary schools. The aim is to inspire and equip churches and organisations who would like to offer to run a prayer space for their local school.

This whole prayer spaces in school seems to have taken off in an amazing way. We keep hearing of people who have simply got on and done it. It feels like a national movement, co-ordinated by no-one but the Holy Spirit, inspiring a simple idea in many places, catching a moment of extraordinary openness in our nation. Even so, it still feels like a beginning. The potential for more prayer spaces in schools seems to be amazing and we've already had a torrent of interest from people all over the UK (and some from as far afield as Australia!) who all seem to have had a vision for this kind of thing and are glad of a few ideas and stories to help them on their way.

And that's what this is all about… hundreds of people taking an experience of prayer to thousands of students up and down the country and developing this idea beyond any of our wildest dreams. We're all on a learning curve, including those of us who have been doing this for a while. Where might we be this time next year? How many prayer spaces will have been run in schools? How many students will have explored prayer in a meaningful way for the first time?

Whether you've been doing prayer spaces in school, or you're interested in getting hold of a pack (email only, 2.4 MB) to have a go for the first time, please email us at

We'd love to hear from you.

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  1. sally says:

    sending you an e-mail- had a great meeting with the head of our local High School yesterday.

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