Pop Connection

Last night I went with a few friends to Thundersley near Southend to see Ally heading up a Pop Connection concert. Ally was formerly based here in Colchester with schools band "Collective".

Pop Connection is a project that gives primary school children the opportunity to sing in a choir and to perform in a concert. A trained singer/coach spends a week in the school teaching the children seven songs and preparing them for the concert. On the Thursday a sound engineer/producer does a recording of the children which is then mixed with the backing tracks to produce a mini album that is exclusive to that school.

The concert takes place the following week and is hosted by a local church. After the concert the mini album, which include karaoke tracks, is on sale.

Pop Connection gives children a wonderful experience, makes a serious contribution to schools' music curriculum and community links and gives churches a totally user friendly way of connecting people with the work they're doing. Highly recommended.

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