24-7 Prayer Network Day

Friday I was in Bath at the very splendid Bath City Church for the 24-7 Prayer network day. These things move about a bit to even up the travelling required – the previous one was in Gateshead – and as a result loads of new people turn up each time. There were people there from literally all over the UK sharing some amazing stories. A prayer room in a hall under a brothel, a new city centre prayer room in Oxford, work with marginalised people in Earls Court, and prophetic words for members of the public in an Essex pub.

After lunch we heard from Tear Fund including news of this weekend's Wave march in London, had an overview of the new, beautiful and much improved 24-7 Prayer web site and updated people on the nationwide movement of Prayer Spaces in Schools. The stories are beginning to come in! If you're interested in the possibility of setting up a prayer space in a school where you already have a good relationship, please email us:

Big thanks to Phil for the splendid organisation and the people at BCC for their excellent hospitality.

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