Sanctum at the Sixth Form College – day 1

Sanctum10_6fc0 Last night we set up Sanctum in one of the smallest spaces yet – a classroom in the History faculty of the Sixth Form College. We were there last year in the huge drama studio, so this was a new challenge. The whole feel is understandably rather more intimate so many of the stations we’ve included are those that allow people to almost cocoon themselves in the activity.

Today was our first day. With a great team, including one, Kat, who is the chaplain there two days a week, we spent quite a bit of time roaming the college chatting to people and inviting them to visit Sanctum. Although for over a week we’ve had posters up and Kat has been handing out flyers, inevitably in a college of 3000 students our arrival has gone virtually un-noticed so some face-to-face PR is essential. One advantage of college life is that there are forever groups of students sitting in groups around the various corridors and social areas so finding people to talk to isn’t difficult.

Sanctum10_6FC1 The day started with team prayer in the room and then we welcomed a visit from a small I.B. Theory of Knowledge class. They had about 15 minutes to try a few of the activities followed by a short debrief. They enjoyed their time and several said they’d be back. Once again the experience of Sanctum is touching people deeply and helping them to deal with the past. One wrote:

“It helped me … I will be able to move on. Thank you.”

During the day nearly 40 students came through, many saying they’d be back. Not a bad start, but we’re trusting that a viral buzz will go around the college and that many more will turn up over the next three days.

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