Sanctum at the Sixth Form College – day 2

Sanctum10_6fc2Today was a bit of a disappointing day in Sanctum. However, it was an encouraging day out and about in the college.

During the morning several of us took it in turns to go out and about in the college (two massive 4 floor buildings for 3000 students) chatting to the small groups that gather in corridors, social areas and the main concourse. Their response to the idea of Sanctum was generally very warm. Many were more than polite, they were interested and this led to some really good conversations. However, turning interest into involvement has proved harder and less than 20 people came through during the day.

Fridays are odd days anyway as most people are only too keen to finish college as soon as they can and start the weekend early. Lots of people said they’d like to come in on Monday or Tuesday. We shall see. Once again we’ve noticed there wherever Sanctum is based it is only on the route of about 10% of college students.

Ultimately, of course, this is about relationships; potentially the greatest relationship of all. A team of people spending time with students, chatting and listening and supporting the work of our chaplain, Kat, could have even more impact than a room full of spiritually inspiring creative activities. But then, God’s plan has always been made visible through human relationships.

: )

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  1. Joe says:

    Hope today is a good day at Sanctum. I think it is a really great idea and a real blessing wherever you go and explore it. Be praying for you guys over the next coupe of days.

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