Sanctum at Thurstable – Day 1


It took four hours to turn the old youth club venue attached to Thurstable School, Tiptree, into the seventh incarnation of Sanctum in Colchester, and the first time in this school.

The first to visit were the six pupils from a very small lower ability class. Even with activities that only take about 3 minutes they struggled a bit at first but after a while a calm descended as they ‘got’ what Sanctum is all about and connected thoughtfully with the material.

At lunchtime about a dozen or so came and spent time in the room, particularly a group of Year 11 lads with whom we were able to have a long conversation about what God might be like and how he might make himself obvious. I pointed out that basically they were describing Jesus, which they agreed, and I then went on to talk about miracles of healing I’d seen which suggested God is still active today.

After lunch I was able to speak briefly to the Sixth Formers about Sanctum at their assembly, quoting from the visitors book following our week at the Sixth Form College in Colchester. During the final lesson, therefore, nine of them came in and spent about half an hour engaged in the different stations. Here’s what they had to say:

  • Makes you think about stuff that you don’t always bring up
  • Opens your eyes to situations you have been through
  • Sense of calm
  • Relaxing
  • A feeling of love
  • I now have hope
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