Sanctum at Thurstable – Day 2


Today has been busy with four classes coming to Sanctum, plus good numbers at break and lunch times. A familiar pattern is emerging… after the introduction students spread out through the room eager to try out one of the stations against a background buzz of conversation. Then, within two minutes the room is silent as people engage with the different activities.

At break time the group of Year 11’s who usually occupy this otherwise neglected space in the school came in, having spent yesterday lunchtime with us. Some immersed themselves in the activities, others continued the theological conversations they’d started with us yesterday. Although, informally, this is their space, they seem to welcome our invasion of it and are enjoying all that the room, and our relationship with them, has to offer.

At lunchtime a group of Sixth Form girls came in. There was a lovely moment when two of them were reading the affirming bible verses written on the mirrors and one said to the other, “That’s sweet!” Later we noticed tears and hugs. One of our team went over to ask if they were OK. “Are they good tears or sad tears” she asked. “Good tears!” Gentle conversation revealed that once again the forgiveness activity had made a profound impact and brought a tangible sense of release.

  • Very powerful and emotional but in a good way.
  • Really made me think and help me let go of the past. It’s a shame it’s only for one week.
  • After reducing me to tears I have seen it isn’t good to hold on to the past and people’s mistakes. Thank you. x
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