Sanctum at Thurstable – Day 4


Another very busy day with 5 classes in as well as the break and lunchtime rush which continues to attract our Year 11 lunchtime “theology and other big questions” group seen above discussing big issues with Amy and Rachel. (One of their other ‘big questions’ was, in a fight between an octopus and a monkey armed with a knife, who would win? A. The Octopus.) Today they asked if we could come in and take their RE lessons! We’re going to miss them so much we might well see what we can do. Such is the power of the relational connection that can flow so easily from a week of Sanctum.

We’re starting to get informal feedback from staff about classes returning from Sanctum calm and peaceful, even known ‘difficult’ students. Among the team we’ve been praying that this will be a place of God’s presence and that, unprompted by us, students will notice. So it was interesting to pick up the following quotes from two groups today during the feedback times at the end of lessons. We simply ask students what they feel about Sanctum and what they found helpful.

  • Takes your mind off things and helps you think about what’s important.
  • It’s a place where you can talk to God.
  • Lets you get your thoughts and anger out and you know God’s there.
  • Makes you feel godly and holy.
  • Peaceful and quiet and helps you think about what you’ve done wrong and what you can do right.

We’ve had a few other visitors too. During the day the local police came in for a look! They were in the school on a routine visit and popped in with one of the Governors, staying for a while and mixing with the team, the students and some of the activities. One of them was an ex-pupil who had been taught by the teacher who arranged for Sanctum to be there. After school we stayed open for School Governors and Friends to visit. They stayed for about an hour, looking at the young people’s responses, asking questions and trying out some of the activities themselves.

Sanctum10_th4aThe new Stop The Traffik prayer chains activity is beginning to gather
quite a bit of momentum as students take in the scale of the injustice of contemporary slavery. (right)


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