Sanctum at Colchester Royal Grammar School – Tuesday

It’s been wonderful to see how positive pupils are who came to Sanctum last year. We’re getting many positive comments during class feedback and in the visitor book. At lunchtime today we were full and had to turn some away to maintain the sense of space and peace.

There have been a few inappropriate comments posted on the various prayer stations but, wise from last year, we’ve managed to keep on top of this so that the genuine ones shine through and provide an inspiration for others.

Here are some of our favourite “Big Questions” which have appeared on the board in the middle of the room so far.

  • Most religions give us the answer to what happens to us after death but hardly any answer the question what happens to our soul before we are born. Why is this?
  • People claim to have heard or even seen God, but I haven’t. Why isn’t he there when I most need him?
  • Why is there no evidence for your existence? Why should you need to hide from everyone? Why am I atheist if you exist?
  • Why did you make Charles Darwin who he was?
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  1. Marie says:

    Wow! I love the Big Questions!

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