Sanctum at Colchester Royal Grammar School – Wednesday

Sanctum_GR10_1 Another busy day seeing groups from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 in lessons and dozens of others during break and lunch time. We’ve been asking groups which of the activities feels most like prayer to them. It’s clear that there are some subtle yet powerful group dynamics going on because pupils in some groups volunteer ideas really willingly while others are more reticent (within the same year group).

Another group dynamics factor is the response in lessons to the whole concept. Whilst the majority of visitors during lessons get involved really well, every now and then we’ll have a group for whom the whole exercise seems to be an attempt to subvert the whole thing through inappropriate comments. We discovered one posting after a lesson that was so out of order we flagged it up for a member of the senior management team. It’s a reminder that we’re in a battle, spiritual, intellectual or cultural, (probably all three!) depending on your point of view.

But there’s lots of good news too. Here are some of the prayers from the Prayer Wall, and a few lines from the Visitors’ Book.




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